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The player then only buys containers, so-called loot boxes, for example. Translated this means “booty box”. In fact, it’s more of a surprise box.

Because the player does not know what exactly is in it. If you are lucky, you will receive an item that will help you in the game. Those who are unlucky get junk that is relatively worthless in the cyber world.

Electronic Arts (EA), for example, came under strong criticism last year, as they also offered boxes containing so-called Star Cards for the hotly anticipated game called Star Wars Battlefront II. They should improve the skills of the heroes in the game.

The players couldn’t see which cards were in the boxes. It was only severe criticism from the gaming community and specialist media that prompted EA to forego this incentive system.

The debate, however, was in the world and could no longer be stopped. In Belgium, for example, Justice Minister Koen Geens has already called for an EU-wide ban on this practice. “Mixing gambling and gaming is particularly dangerous for mental health at a young age,” he said.

The revolt of the Star Wars gamblers also made members of the Bavarian state parliament aware of the issue of loot boxes. The commission for youth media protection of the state media authorities is now examining whether the virtual boxes are actually dangerous for young people.